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My offerings:

~6-week Webinar wealth and business building course

Next Course Starts Sept 11!

~6-month wealth and business building course

~Monthly one on one coaching packages


What you can expect:

-See FAST results

-Learn how to multiply your results and your income

-The science of goal achievement and proven formula on how to make your goals a reality
-How to break through fear and procrastination

-How to change your mindset to create the financial freedom you truly desire

-Figure out what you truly want to do 

For more information, click the link below. I love talking to people in person! 


What People Are Saying!:

"If you are thinking about working with Tessa my advice is just jump in and do it! In 6 shorts weeks I've moved through a massive amount of personal baggage that was holding me back, I earned a $15/hr, and another person in our group got her dream job.  I was on the fence for a while mainly because I wasn't sure what the program really entailed and I was a little skeptical.  What I found was even more then I was expecting.  I found something that is very beautiful in its simplicity and effectiveness, and part of how it works is the amazing support and accountability you receive to work though your own stuff and take more action towards the path you want to me on.  Thanks Tessa!"   -Linnea, Pilates Instructor  


"Now I that I completed the 6 week program I can tell you that anyone can succeed in reaching their real heart’s desire. What seemed to be absolute miracles that occurred at the end of 6 weeks are nothing more than diligent mental work that anyone at any age can do. That’s what makes choosing whether or not to take this course easy; it’s an absolute YES. I set goals that seemed impossible at the beginning and I reached them. I got offered a dream job with stellar benefits after a job search that has literally lasted 5 years. Not only that, some family relationships have opened up as a result of the shifts I’ve made.  I am shining my own light and connecting with people wherever I go because I feel so great. I am very thankful to Tessa for sharing this program and very proud of myself. I am forever changed and I am continuing on this same path doing healthy mental and spiritual exercises every day as part of a solid routine. There’s no turning back. Life is too good."

-Kat, Culinary Teacher  

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