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"If you are thinking about working with Tessa my advice is just jump in and do it! In 6 shorts weeks I've moved through a massive amount of personal baggage that was holding me back, I earned a $15/hr raise, and another person in our group got her dream job.  I was on the fence for a while mainly because I wasn't sure what the program really entailed and I was a little skeptical.  What I found was even more then I was expecting.  I found something that is very beautiful in its simplicity and effectiveness, and part of how it works is the amazing support and accountability you receive to work though your own stuff and take more action towards the path you want to me on.  Thanks Tessa!"

--Linea Rothenmair, Pilates Instructor

"We LOVED the 6 week course and will totally do it again!!  We are crushing our goals and we have both been losing weight and getting into the best shape of our lives <3!!!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us both.  Our lives our so much better and the more we practice and keep up with the material the better.  The opportunities are endless!!"

--Andrew and Audrey, Business Owners

"...Now I that I completed the 6 week program I can tell you that anyone can succeed in reaching their real heart’s desire. What seemed to be absolute miracles that occurred at the end of 6 weeks are nothing more than diligent mental work that anyone at any age can do. That’s what makes choosing whether or not to take this course easy; it’s an absolute YES. I set goals that seemed impossible at the beginning and I reached them. I got offered a dream job with stellar benefits after a job search that has literally lasted 5 years. Not only that, some family relationships have opened up as a result of the shifts I’ve made.  I am shining my own light and connecting with people wherever I go because I feel so great. I am very thankful to Tessa for sharing this program and very proud of myself. I am forever changed and I am continuing on this same path doing healthy mental and spiritual exercises every day as part of a solid routine. There’s no turning back. Life is too good."


--Kat Escamilla, Culinary Teacher


"This course is rocking my world in all the right ways! When Tessa approached me about a year ago with an invitation to this coursework I knew it was the next step of growth and intelligent study and discipline on the path of my lifelong pursuit of a heart and soul centered life. It took me a year to jump in but the pay-off in just six weeks time is expanding exponentially in every way. I am now full-on in confrontingpatterns of money related old paradigm beliefs and habits that do not serve a life of conscious creation. I am now rewriting these paradigms to create a life without all areas of my life.Within these six weeks I was able to easily meet a financial goal that I have been working hard to meet for over a year…yet this is the very least of what has opened up for me within this time.My relationships, my joy, my happiness, vitality and well-being are all following suit. The foundation and principles of this work are simple, solid, tried and true but the process is NO JOKE!It has not been an easy path but it is one that is helping me liberate and empower my life on so many levels. Thank you Tessa! You are all heart and such an amazing teacher! I am so grateful to be learning and growing on this limitless journey of infinite love and abundance with you and so excited for more to come!"

--Veronica Carneal, Sound Healer and Hair Dresser

"I am so grateful for Tessa.  When I started working with Tessa I was at a point of desperation and frustration with my finances.  For years and years I was broke, never seeming to get ahead.  

I felt like I always had exactly what I needed but I wanted more.  I want to live a life where abundance is free flowing and I don't have to wonder if I will be able to pay the bills on time or put food on the table.  

Working with Tessa changed my life.  I have been in the self help world for a least a decade and I have tried many things.  In the work I did with Tessa, she helped me to see where my blocks were and why.  

She gave me the support and tools to break out of my vicious cycle.  Within one month of working with her my income began to grow and now I am very excited about how things are shifting!  

Tessa is so easy to talk to and there is no judgment.  Just pure love and a genuine interest in seeing you succeed.  She has been an amazing coach and I highly recommend working with her if you are ready 

for a lifechanging, positive leap.  

Thank you Tessa for sharing your love and magic with the world, you are a true inspiration."


--- Virginia Raich, Nutritional Coach

"I knew I needed to shift something deep inside in order to achieve the results I wanted so I jumped on the opportunity to work with Tessa and TIR. If you could see the changes that have occurred in my life over the last 8 months! I had lost everything in an earlier venture and shortly after starting TIR, I got dumped by my boyfriend, the only security remaining. TIR brought out all my courage, clarity and kick-assibilty. Now, I’m inches away from earning my living as a fine artist — and I have a movie deal in the works — both things that everyone, including myself, rolled their eyes at or flat-out said were impossible! Now I know, for real, that “impossible” is a state of mind. Ninety percent of the time I live in this zone where there’s no doubt or question about getting where I want to go and I work courageously to get there while watching it happen and continually improving my attitude and business approach along the way. The process is very organic and in addition to setting and attaining seemingly insane goals, I’m a better person to others and the happiest I’ve been in years."  


— Lauren Forcella

"Tessa is a rare and magical combination; she is both a youthful, radiant and graceful spirit, and, at the same time, she is an old, wise soul. Tessa inspires by example, and she lives her values fully. In all that she does, Tessa takes a measured, calm, and thoughtful approach, delivering her wisdom in a compassionate, encouraging, and helpful way. Her guidance and support are always carefully thought through and distilled to their essence, so that she communicates precisely what is needed at that particular moment. Tessa zeroes in on the truth. When you're talking with her, she is completely focused and 100% present with you. Tessa is one of the most genuine and fully engaged people I have ever met.  She is utterly sincere in all her interactions, and she shows a heartfelt desire to help her clients to reach and even exceed their own goals. Tessa has been an inspiring and positive force helping me attain my personal and professional goals, and in helping me to grow and become the person that I want to be."

~Stacy Low

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