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I sit here in anxiety and question when I set out to write this post. The dreaded money conversation.....

Before you start reading I want you to ask yourself: What is your relationship with money? Are you broke? Are you rich? Are you making it by? How were you raised regarding your opinion on money? What did you mom and dad tell you/teach you about money? What is the most money you have ever made in a year?

There is such a stigma around money in our world. If you have it you're greedy, evil, a sell out... if you don't your broke, less then, or 'spiritual' and 'one with the earth.' Where do these ideas come from? Is there truth in these ideas?

For most of my life money has been a stress. There has been an immense feeling of SCARCITY around it. I looked to others who had it and never thought I could be one of them. I saw money as the root of all evil in the world and wanted nothing to do with it. I was fine with never having a savings, and just having enough to get by and live the life I wanted... (or so I thought).

Money has always been a thing in my family -- do you have it? Do you need it? You should be working hard for it! When I was little I remember my parents telling me the people down the street were "sell-outs" because they were once down to earth hippies who now had money.

It has always been something that I have needed, that I have wanted but that I never thought I could have much of. And I would not even have the courage to tell anyone that I wanted a good income, to be financially free, hell to be rich even! Because if you say that, especially in new-agey CA people look at you like you are the anti-christ!

In the past year my relationship with money has changed. I started changing my view around it. It didn't happen over night but I realized I actually want some of it. I want financial freedom -- to be able to travel when I want to and not sleep outside in a tent because I can't afford the hotel room. I want to rent the house in Sebastopol I REALLY want and not have to move into a place I don't like because I can't afford it. I want to be able to buy the healthiest food and supplements possible. And hell, I want to get massages, facials, spa treatments, clothes etc etc etc. AND I want to give back. I want to give to charity, and help others in need. I want to take my family and loved ones on an all expenses paid vacation. I want to see see the whole world!

To be honest I still feel guilt when I write these things. I love what Jen Sincero says in "You're a Badass".... Imagine if money was a person... You say, "Ugh I don't like you! You're evil, and greedy, and bad! But hey, I really need you to pay my rent and buy some food... so can you stay near to me?" Do you see this mixed message???

Money is energy, money is freedom. Once we change our minds around it and WELCOME it into our lives it starts to come.

Mary Morissey has a great story about this as well. In the 70's she travelled far to hear someone speak about the law of attraction and abundance. He came on stage with a wad of money and started kissing it saying, "I love you, you're the best, I want you!." She was immediately turned off! She thought, "This guy isn't legit! He's greedy, and he's not even spiritual!." He came back out saying, "You guys saw that and thought -- he's not legit! He's greedy, and he's not even spiritual!." He laughed and explained, money is energy, you have to love it and accept it for it to come in.

Look at your present financial income. Does it go hand in hand with your view around money?

Ever since I started changing my money paradigm my income has increased, and it keeps increasing!

I am ready to start changing the stigma around money! Money should be in the hands of the good people in this world. While so many of the good people REJECT it.

In my coaching I work with people to change their view around money, and in changing their mind, they change their results.

I am giving a free Webinar August 10, 2017 on Mind, Money, and Freedom. Pre-register here:

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