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From Fear to Faith

At the beginning of February 2017 I went to a seminar in LA titled, "4th Dimensional Leadership" with Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and Blane Bartlett. This weekend was a pivotal point in my life and personal growth.

Rewind about 1 year ago I was gifted my first copy of the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Of course the title enticed me to open the book and start reading. The book inspired me and got me thinking in a way I hadn't before about money and success. The book brought up a lot of questions for me, like "what is my true purpose?" "what do I really want in life?" "do I care about money or want more of it?" These big questions really got me thinking, but I fell into my old patterns, and never finished the book or did anything with it.

Last December I heard the name Bob Proctor. Hmmm... it sounded so familiar?? After watching a few videos I realized he was the guy from The Secret. The Secret had a profound affect on me in my early 20's. I was broke, hitchhiking through Hawaii... I used the teachings to catch rides, or manifest little things my heart desired here and there. Later that year I used it to earn $20,000 in 3 months (the most money I had ever made). It helped me to trust the universe and have faith.

I listened to quite a few Bob talks.... his view on The Secret and what he did and did not agree with. His story with finding Think and Grow Rich in the 60's and how it transformed him from an unhappy, unhealthy, poor person to an extremely happy, healthy, wealthy person. I was intrigued.....

I was invited to attend the seminar, and I went not knowing what to expect. My life felt as if it was in shambles when I arrived. My relationship was falling apart, I was unhappy most of the time, I lived in a reactive state to life, and I had NO idea what I really wanted.

That weekend changed my life.

It was all information that I knew in my heart, I had experienced in my years traveling the country and world, in my years following The Secret - I understood what Bob was preaching, I had just FORGOT... it was like coming back to myself (again! See the last blog :)). He helped me realize that I owe it to myself and the world to go after my biggest dream possible. To move away from fear and into faith. To present my biggest gifts to the world. To live in a state of gratitude. To respond instead of react.

Now, all of this did not change in just those few days, it took about a week. When I returned home I decided to take the control back of my life! I created vision boards, made a happy song play list, journaled, made a list of 10 gratitudes each morning, and stepped back into my power. I decided my gift to this world is to help people, I want to help people live their best lives and transform to

happy, healthy, wealthy human beings. I want to do this through yoga and teaching the information that Bob Proctor teaches. I decided that week to sign up for Bob's coaching program so I could facilitate this work.

That week I started Thinking Into Results.... THIS is it! This is what I have been searching for all of these years. A literal roadmap to show me how to achieve my biggest goals in life. I have become such a happier, fuller person, I have learned how to keep going when the fear settles in, my relationship(s) are flourishing, I am attracting AMAZING things into my life (friends, living situations, opportunities), AND I am making more money!

I am SO excited to be sharing this program with others and coaching them to realize their infinite success and potential!

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