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My whole life has been a search for growth. I can remember being six years old lying in bed frustrated with the questions, "why are we here??" "what is our purpose??" It would drive me crazy! I always had this feeling that I was part of something bigger, something greater. 

I have devoted much of my life to personal development and finding something deeper within myself. 

My biggest transformation came when I found Iyengar Yoga in 2007. I have devoted the last 10 years of my life to learning, teaching, and living a life of yoga. I love teaching and helping people grow to be their best selves - physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

When I went to study with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher it clicked! The information they teach is paralleled to much of what I had found in my yoga practice and yoga philosophy.

I feel deeply called to serve others through coaching them and helping them realize their infinite potential. 

I have experienced (and am experiencing) intense growth and transformation through my yoga practice and the work I do with Bob Proctor. I have tripled my yoga income in a short period of time, and started 2 businesses. My relationships, health, and happiness have grown in huge ways! I am honored to share these gifts with you and the world. 

If you want me to show you how to transform your life and get the results you really want, book a free discovery session now. 

Free Discovery Session
45 min
Free Consultation
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