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Would you like to learn the No. 1 Key to Success and true Fulfilment? Well, it’s how you deeply perceive yourself, your Self Image. Learn how to transform your self-image and watch your results skyrocket! Are you interested in permanent shift in: 
-selecting a career that fulfills you 
-multiplying your income 
-creating the relationship/fitness you desire 
THEN THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU! We will learn the following: 
-Where does our self image come from 
-How to develop confidence and healthy appreciation of who you are 
-How to create a winning self image to achieve the results you desire 
FOR MORE INFO CALL: Tessa 707-978-0640 
Suggested donation $5-$15. No one turned away.  

Join us October 12 at Songbird Community Center where Tessa will be sharing proven tools and tips straight from Bob Proctor, considered one of the best success teachers in the world.

Songbird Community Health Center Cotati, CA



Experience the Power of the MasterMind!

A Unique Opportunity for Personal & Business Development

An 11-Week Study Specifically for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

A mastermind be defined as: “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.” 

Napoleon Hill said, “No individual may have great power without availing himself of the “Master Mind.”

So, if you had the opportunity to share ideas, goals, challenges and develop potential profitable relationships with like-minded business leaders, would you take it? 

During this dynamic, 11-week study, you will learn how to apply to the foundational principles of Bob Proctor’s internationally best-selling book, “You Were Born Rich” to your life and business.

This in-depth study will afford you the opportunity to join forces and mastermind 
with a unique group of growth-oriented business owners who are committed to taking the results, in every area of their life, to a new level.

Together, you will learn how to achieve your goals by understanding your relationship with money, how much is enough, how to improve your self-image, how to expect an abundance, the law of vibration and attraction, and far more.  
The results will astound you as you watch the lives and businesses of your MasterMind group improve from one week to the next. 

“Change is constant and inevitable, but personal growth is a choice.” Bob Proctor

Online Webinar

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